Reclaimed Metal Fox Head with Chain Earrings

Reclaimed Metal Fox Head with Chain Earrings


Forged from 100% reclaimed metals, Yanapuma is so excited to share the brilliant and current creations of husband-and-wife design team Ashley & Dara of Alkemie Jewelry. Their unique work is equal parts art and accessory. 

Fox is a master at the art of camouflage. Like all members of the canine family, they make exceptional parents.

The fox's keen sight and hearing make it an excellent predator. Its tail serves as a balancing device when it stands on its hind legs to peer over the tall grass in search of a mouse, gopher, or field rat.

It is a survivor, able to exist in the unpopulated countryside. Its ability to be unseen makes it a superb family protector.

All pieces are handmade in Los Angeles, CA. Forged using 100% reclaimed metal.

Available in Gold Patina with with the posts in 100% reclaimed sterling silver.

By creating new designs from existing materials in abundance, the mission is to translate something that would otherwise be landfill-bound into wearable art. These pieces are pioneers with hopes to change the jewelry industry with its social and environmentally responsible practices. Yanapuma loves working with this team as they too promote local living wages and eco-sustainable business practices.

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