Underneath | Raku Wall Hanging

Underneath | Raku Wall Hanging


Made by Russian Raku Master specializing in integrating natural materials and allowing them to express themselves in harmony is why we adore these objects and we know you will too!

This ceramic raku fired set is crafted from true vision. The wild, intricate colors created were obtained using horsehair and feathers and is made with love!

The exquisite beauty of working with natural materials carries their harmonized frequency. This set is intended to hang on the wall and is fitted with small straps for ease of installation. Sold in their entirety you can reinvent the shape and design in your own space and is perfectly combined with either bohemian or modern interior designs.

This one of a kind creation will bring or add originality, peculiarly and uniqueness to any style imagined.

Dimensions of each "bowl" range from 2 to 6 inches. A total of 27 bowls are included.

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