Alpha Glucan Mushroom Compound 100g

Title: Alpha-Glucan Mushroom Compound 100g

Yanapuma is excited to bring you delicious superfood tonics that are guaranteed to uplevel your body, mind and soul! 

The key compounds that make this formula special are a class of Polysaccharides called Alpha-Glucans

Polysaccharides are the immunoprotective compounds of medicinal mushrooms that include Alpha Glucans known for their amazing role in activating and modulating the Immune system. Studies have shown that Alpha-Glucans are capable of increasing NK cell activity by nearly 300% within just 2 weeks at a regular dose (3g daily) and up to 800% within 3 months at an intensive dose (6g daily). 

This formula is a proprietary blend of six basidiomycetes mushroom mycelium extracts containing a minimum of 40% Alpha-Glucans.

Ingredients - Shiitake mushroom mycelium extract, Lion's mane mycelium extract, Reishi mycelium extract, Agaricus blazei mycelium extract, Maitake mushroom mycelium extract and Auricularia auricular mycelium extract. 


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