Peruvian Amazon Chakapa | Leather Wrapped

Peruvian Amazon Chakapa | Leather Wrapped


Yanapuma is honored to bring you these leather wrapped Chakapas from the Peruvian Amazon, to help you maintain a clean energy around you and others. 

Chakapa (sometimes spelled shakapa or Latinized to shacapa) is a Quechua word for a shaker or rattle constructed of bundled leaves.

Bushes of the genus Pariana provide the leaves for the chakapa. Chakapa is also the common name for these bushes.

Curanderos (healers) and other shaman of the Shipibo-Conibo people in the Peruvian Amazon use the chakapa in healing ceremonies.

The sound of the chakapa is said to comfort and "cleans" the energy surrounding the patient.

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We offer a natural pale leather and a natural dark leather which both look and feel amazing! 

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