Pelt | Reindeer Hides

Pelt | Reindeer Hides


Yanapuma is honored to carry family farmed reindeer hide pelts from the Sami Peoples that inspire beauty and evoke simplicity. Every pelt is hand selected and each piece prepared with great intention.

This hide is as rare in these parts as the reindeer are themselves... Collected from the Sami Reindeer Peoples, Yanapuma takes great pride in offering this unique sustainable hides. 

  • Every pelt is Un-dyed. Endowed with meaning. Entirely unique.
  • Organically tanned to perfection, there is never a duplicate!
  • Each Hide is a little different in shape and size but most run 48" by 36" give or take a few inches.
  • A range of hues from light taupe to mid-brown base with lighter edges and patterning.
  • The stunning ridge line markings offer a range of color, making this the perfect fit in any environment, not to mention the softest, warmest skin to warm.


In the spirit of mindfulness and conscientious consumption, these small family farmed pelts offer an opportunity to choose an alternative to the modern experience of mass production by taking advantage of a simple traditional byproduct.

As with all of our animal-based products, these skins are a bi-product of local meat providers. Farmed for their milk and meat, their hides are a bi-product used for clothing and to keep warm in the winter.

The Benefits of Reindeer Hide:
- Incredible at regulating body heat.
- Helps to relieve aches and pains.
- Resistant to dirt and bacteria.
- hypo-allergenic (and help soothe skin rashes like eczema and more).
- Adds warmth and texture to your home.

Care: simply shake your hide out once or twice a month to remove dust.

Shake and/or vacuum occasionally to remove dust and debris. In the event of a spill or stain, mix wool-specific detergent with warm water to produce foam. Using foam only (do not soak or submerge skin in water), work the foam over the affected area and pat dry with a clean cloth. Shake and leave to dry, finish with a combing. Alternately, item can be dry cleaned.