Native Mystic | Immunity Booster Collection

Native Mystic | Immunity Booster Collection


Ancient Alchemy For The Modern Era.

High Quality & Potent • Plant Wisdom • Charged & Enhanced • Intuitively Formulated

All formulas are created with the highest intentions in mind and contain knowledge from over 25 years of studying the arts of alternative healing abroad numerous locations around the world. Herbalism, Meditation and Energy work, Subconscious work, Naturopathy, Eastern and Ayurvedic medicine, and an ongoing quest of self development are the influences to create these formulas along with a passion for Purity, Authenticity, and a Revival of Ancient Wisdom, Knowledge, Natural Science, and Laws of Nature.

Available formulas for you to choose:

  • Honey 50 gr 

Immunity Honey & Biodynamic H.R.: Honey has been used as a powerful anti bacterial and anti viral tonic, and enhancer of any herb it carries with it. "The BEE" is a unique incredibly delicious infused Honey that contains a comprehensive collection of herbs, mushrooms, and essential oils with a special Biodynamic H Rosin grown with Auro Gold volcanic minerals, and wild crafted frankincense oleoresin. 

  • Tune In 

Meditation and Introspection Blend: Can be used when one wishes to receive support in resolving internal issues, and be in a meditative introspection state during the day.

  • Deep Blue Lotus 

Euphoric, Uplifting, Expansive, Anti-inflammatory.

  • Ultraviolet 

Presence, Awareness, Spaciousness, Time Shift: A blend of wildcrafted Thai Herbal Resin extracts in one tincture.

  • Lotus Love 

Calming, Heart Opening, Connectedness, Euphoria: An exotic blend of Wild Crafted Blue, White, & Red Lotus Extracts with other heart centering herbs.

  • Three Treasures 80 cap jar 

Balancing & Longevity: A traditional Daoist adaptogenic formula used for longevity and as a tonic herb by Daoist monks throughout their lifetime. "The THREE TREASURES" blend caters to proponents of traditional Chinese medicine, and it’s ancient wisdom.

  • Infinity 8 80 cap jar 

Mushroom Boost & Strength: “The INFINITY 8" consists of 11 medicinal mushrooms and 8 traditional Chinese herbs. A balanced formula of the most potent and widely used mushrooms, together with important herbs that all have potential immune strengthening properties.

  • Sacred C 100 gr powder 

Energy & Airway Support: “The SACRED C" is an exotic combination of plant based vitamin c from Acerola Cherry and Elderberry with potential immunity herbs such as: Cat’s Claw, Astragalus, Agarikon Mushroom, and two biblical herbs: Hyssop, Frankincense resin and extract. 

  • Crystaline Matrix Drops 

Activating, Hydrating, Structuring, Alkalizing: Cellular Hydration & Balance - Energy - Clarity- Purification - Mineral Support - Assists Integration. Crystalline Matrix contains 70-102 minerals in ionic form, sourced from volcanic eruption site. This blend was created in order to provide the cells with a full spectrum of very pure and potent minerals, together with a superfood: Moringa.

Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Non GMO, Wild Crafted.

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