Mother Mary Mermaid Earrings

Mother Mary Mermaid Earrings


Multi-disciplinary artist, spiritual healer and our dear friend Maggie Eileen created these gorgeous pair of earrings for you to embody the Ocean Goddess power within you.

Gold Vermeil Mother Mary Mermaid hoop earrings.

Besides them being magical, mermaids help us with our emotions. Frequently, it's our emotions that hold us back from manifesting what it is that we desire. Mermaids are connected with our intuitive side, with our goddess energy.

Being female, the symbolism and meaning of the Mermaid ties to the Sacred Feminine, specifically Goddesses like Venus who rules love, and the Sea Goddesses like Calypso. This is not a woman who can be tamed. The fierce individuality among Mermaids is well known, Mermaid Spirit appears linked heavily to uniqueness and non-conformity.

Being tied to the Water Element, Mermaids may take on the meaning of a source of life, cleansing, and renewal. 

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