Cuna de Piedra | Cacao + Smoked Chile 73%

Cuna de Piedra | Cacao + Smoked Chile 73%


Yanapuma is excited to bring you these rich and delicious limited edition, chocolate bars from Comalcalco, Tabasco in México. 

This bar was thought of to highlight the Smoked Heirloom Chile produced by Amando Hernández. He is a 3rd generation producer who plants, harvests and smokes these chiles in his ranch "El Palmar". 

He is one of the few in charge of guarding the native chiles from México, which are being rapidly displaced by other varieties with higher performance and being genetically modified. 

With this chocolate you will feel a complex yet balanced sensorial experience.

Ingredients: Cacao beans, Cane sugar, Smoked heirloom chili. 

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