Meena by Mary Lane

Meena by Mary Lane


A story  of two women, M and Meena. Though they are from different times of existence (one in present times, the other a distant past) M and Meena journey simultaneously through both a heavenly existence that once was, and a hell it became for women. They ride the waves of transformation through the light and shadow of death and rebirth. 

Their multi-dimensional realities allow them to receive guidance, wisdom, and healing from the natural world, as they embrace their symbiotic relationship with the Great Mother. Through her guidance they discover their authentic sexual nature, love, sisterhood, belonging—and the consequences of feeling cut off from her. 

About the Author:

Mary Lane is the author of Divine Nourishment: A Woman's Sacred Journey with Food and co-facilitator of The International Council of Women Elders. She lives on the island of Maui, where she co-facilitates circles, retreats, and a yearly apprentice program that supports women to strengthen their relationship with their own unique gifts, and with Mother Earth. Over her forty-year career as a professional chef, Mary's journey took her through a doorway into the wisdom of nature. She became a devoted student of the natural world. Over time, the Mother's wisdom revealed itself as a vast reservoir which has the capacity to take us home to ourselves. 

“Mary Lane has crafted a beautiful tale, weaving the ancient times when women were revered for their wisdom, healing and priestessing roles, to a modern day woman, seeking her purpose. We recognize ourselves in this story of Meena, as she rebels, resists, and discovers her path, which parallels the older story of a priestess’s journey to accept her leadership role in the community.  It's a message for today’s women to lean into that role of priestess/spiritual leader, however that may look for each of us.” Kris Steinnes, founder ~ Women of Wisdom Foundation ~ Author of the award winning book -Women of Wisdom, Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women

“Mary Lane holds us captive from the first word to the last as the story reassembles a shattered mirror of remembering for our souls. I dare say it was magical to feel my own body/heart as I read it. The juxtaposing of these feminine tales in time and place offer us a chalice to drink from and be transformed by. Thank you, Mary, for listening deeply enough, and for luring us back into our innate Earth wisdom and feminine ways of health, beauty, and relationality.”  ~ Jade Sherer, nature-based soul guide

“A page-turning powerhouse — destined to be a movie. Meena will grip you and take you on a journey of cosmic proportion. Mary Lane’s description of a life lived in harmony with the natural world, and the union of a fully realized male and female, is breathtaking. It wakes up a part of us that needs to remember this possibility. This book took me to my core and touched a deep longing for connection.” ~ Amara Pagano, founder ~ Azul Conscious Movement

“Mary Lane clearly draws from her personal experience as a plant spirit healer and shaman, as she presents a portrait of loss of soul and its recovery. She weaves a gripping tale which balances interesting and vivid details with the big picture of why we are all here on this planet. Among the many quotable passages in the book, my favorite is ‘The door was opened by the unsuspecting gatekeepers who had come for their own healing.’" ~ Robert K Dubiel ~ past-life regressionist and author of The Practical Shaman