Tribal Monkey Bone Kuripe Pipes

Tribal Monkey Bone Kuripe Pipes

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A very rare find are these unique Kuripe Pipes made from monkey bone and held together with a local amazonian tree resin hand crafted by the Matsés. The Matsés or Mayoruna are an indigenous people of the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon and some of the most traditional and fascinating tribes located in the Javari River Valley. 

The Matsés still live primarily as hunters-gatherers and practice traditional Amazonian ceremonies and are known as the cat people... which makes them an extra special friend to the Yanapuma!  

The Matsés, like other Amazonian communities, use handmade Kuripe pipes to apply medicinal snuff for health and ritual.

The use of medicinal snuffs from local forest tobacco, ash and a variety of forest herbs and plants have long been documented within indigenous communities. In recent years this practice has expanded all over the world and is becoming commonplace in the realm of household wellness treatments. 

Yanapuma supports the tradition of organic and native healing remedies and considers the widespread knowledge to the outside world a blessing. 

May you find your own form of healing from the natural world. 

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