Mananalu Pure Water in Reusable Aluminum Bottle

Mananalu Pure Water in Reusable Aluminum Bottle


Let's UN-PLASTIC our planet.

This is more than just water, this is a wave of change!

Pure water in an aluminum bottle. This resealable and infinitely recyclable bottle is filled with hydrating, clean, purified water.

Make the choice to swap from single-use plastic bottles to aluminum NOW!

Imagine if every person who was already drinking bottled water simply chose infinitely recyclable aluminum instead of plastic, it could quite literally mean more time on earth for everyone and everything. 

Now, stop imagining and make some waves with us.

Ola i Ka Wai - Water is Life

Founder Jason Momoa's Mission

Mananalu is a catalyst for change… a wave of change that will eliminate single-use plastic bottles. Pronounced {mah-nah-nah-loo} in Hawaiian, it means just that. “Mana“ is the sacred spirit of life, and “Nalu” is a powerful wave that pushes across the ocean. 

Taking it one step further, we partner with rePurpose Global to remove, recycle, and repurpose plastic from the ocean to make the earth a better place for future generations. Drink One, Remove One.

​We see a future free from single-use plastic and the pollution that follows. We believe there is a community of humans who see this too. With Mananalu, we might just get there.

Where Is The Water Sourced?

We take good water from Montana, Nebraska, and California and make it even better by triple filtering it using reverse osmosis.

Our water has a neutral pH of ~7.

Our water is sustainably sourced close to our customers to minimize our carbon footprint. 


Why Aluminium ? 

Aluminum can be recycled an infinite number of times without losing its amazing properties.

60 days - that's the time it takes to go from recycling bin to back on the shelf. 

Our bottles are made of 69% recycled aluminum.

Aluminum has the highest recycling rate of all beverage packaging options.


Ocean Plastic Removal

We work with rePurpose Global to actively remove plastic from ocean going waste.

Each bottle you drink removes the equivalent of 1 plastic bottle.

Plastic removal in coastal areas funds job creation in places like Goa, India. 

The plastic is removed, recycled, and repurposed... never incinerated or added to landfill.