Library of Esoterica 4 Book Collection by Jessica Hundley

Library of Esoterica 4 Book Collection by Jessica Hundley

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 The Library of Esoterica and author/series editor Jessica Hundley presents a collection of 4 incredible books in a series documenting the creative ways we strive to connect to the divine.

Throughout the ages, metaphysical traditions have been translated into sacred and visionary art. 

This collection explores the symbolic language of our most potent universal stories, the tales we tell through paint and ink, costume and clay. 



Each copy individually is $48 but as a series they become $44 each! 


The Series Includes: 

TAROT is the first volume from TASCHEN’s Library of Esoterica, which traces the hidden history of the practices and those who dare to divine.

Artfully arranged according to the sequencing of the Major and Minor Arcana, this visual compendium gathers more than 500 cards and works of original art from around the world in the ultimate exploration of a centuries-old art form.


ASTROLOGY looks to the sky and delves into the vibrant visual history of Western astrology. 

From its birth as astronomy’s sister science, to our current Age of Aquarius, the story of this ancient practice is told through more than 400 images—from Egyptian temples to contemporary art—sequenced to mirror the spin of the planets and the wheel of the zodiac.


WITCHCRAFT is a spellbinding journey through the global history is the third volume in the series that follows this magickal tradition from its ancient roots to its modern incarnations.

Through more than 400 artworks, and revelatory essays and interviews with modern practitioners, Witchcraft chronicles a cathartic evolution, from the craft’s emergence in ancient goddess worship to the embrace by today’s diverse witch community.


PLANT MAGICK is a sweeping visual history of the centuries-long relationship between plants and people.

From ancient Egyptian stonework to 18th-century botanical illustrations, the newly published fourth volume in TASCHEN’s ‘The Library of Esoterica’ series explores the historic roots of plants in myth, religion, and as creative muse through essays, interviews, and more than 400 images.

A must have for all plant, botany, medicinal, healing, art lovers alike! 

 ... collect them ALL in this packaged series and SAVE!