Kamëntsá Spirit Mask | Reina de la Selva

Kamëntsá Spirit Mask | Reina de la Selva


Yanapuma's founder Megan Schoenbachler personally commissioned this one of a kind artwork to capture the embodiment of pure balance. Each Spirit mask is hand carved in wood and plated in beaded designs which transmit visualizations from ceremonial rites with the yagé plant. 

Artist Willan Chicunque, from the Sibundoy Valley of Colombia, describes this piece as the Queen of the Jungle Forest. The land where all the ancient, millennial knowledge comes from indigenous peoples, which has been maintained and is maintained today so that we can have a drink with all that knowledge which has transpired until today.

With this work, we thank our grandparents and ancestors, who cultivate the wisdom that has continued to this day.

Here Wilian shows his vision of yagé with its colors, each representing different sensations; it also shows the wisdom of our plants that have grown to show us that the jungle is what gives and maintains us with its energy.

His depth of colors represent energetic symbols, which via medicine, can transport us to live our lives actively liberated. This work additionally expresses that same jungle queen is the one that reminds us that the mother is our land and that the earth is our mother.

Choosing to steward this art into your life is a powerful decision and we are so excited to usher such potent medicine to those who feel the calling.