Kamëntsá Spirit Mask | Equilibrium

Kamëntsá Spirit Mask | Equilibrium


Yanapuma's founder Megan Schoenbachler personally commissioned this one of a kind artwork to capture the embodiment of pure balance. Each Spirit mask is hand carved in wood and plated in beaded designs which transmit visualizations from ceremonial rites with the yagé plant. 

Artist Willan Chicunque, from the Sibundoy Valley of Colombia, describes this piece as an amalgamation of the equilibrium we are called to realize in life through our body, mind, and spirit after experiencing the sacred yagé medicine.

His depth of colors represent energetic symbols, which via medicine, can transport us to live our lives actively liberated. This work additionally expresses the formation and deformation of our visions during a journey. Using the yagé plant as a tool, this work expresses the clarity of insight possible when one integrates the true nature of being human on this plane of existence. 

Choosing to steward this art into your life is a powerful decision and we are so excited to usher such potent medicine to those who feel the calling.