Jaguar Medicine | Organic Peruvian Coffee

Jaguar Medicine | Organic Peruvian Coffee


Yanapuma Shop and local small batch roasters, Abalona Coffee in Topanga, California have teamed up to deliver an INCREDIBLE ORGANIC PERUVIAN COFFEE. 

Carrying a long time vision of ours, this whole bean, lightly roasted coffee is sourced from the rainforest of Satipo, Peru. 

This blend has smooth notes of citrus, chocolate, molasses and roasted almond. 

The perfect thing to begin your day or sip into the afternoon for a relaxing break. 

Jaguar Medicine is our way of saying thank you to this magical bean, used as medicine for as long as we humans can remember collecting it and carries the artwork of one of our favorite artisans, Julia Kisselmann. 

If you love the label, we carry this piece called, "Yanapuma and Her Other" in high quality prints. 

Thank you for trying this NEW item and please let us know your thoughts! 

We appreciate your business and support.