Holy Smoke Incense

Holy Smoke Incense


A Mysterious and Enchanting Blend of Natural Indonesian Roots, Flowers, Barks, Nuts, and Spices

Indonesian Farmers unite for a family that craft and preserve local and ancient traditions by working with pure ingredients from time honored recipes deeply rooted in their culture. Continuing a 5000 year old tradition of burning incense with the beloved Holy Smoke….Enjoy!

Average Burn Time: 30 min / stick

Energetic Action: Clearing

Plant Magic:

  • Ancient synergy of plants come together over fire
  • To Evoke, Enchant, and to Clear
  • For Sacred Ceremony or Simply Smudging and Aromatic Bliss

Free of Synthetic Binders and Impure Ingredients
A proprietary blend of Indonesian flowers, herbs, roots, nuts, and spices.

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