Ritual Hide 4 Direction Drum

Ritual Hide 4 Direction Drum


Painted by Lakota Chief Marvin Swallow in California, Yanapuma is honored to bring you these beautiful handmade ceremonial drums crafted in Colombia by Ruben Morad.

Created using wood for the frame and stretched lambskin hide for drum head and synthetic cording for tie. Drum and drum mallet are included.

Size: approximately 18 inches diameter.

Your drum is a living being, so you will want to honor its spirit with love and respect.  It is important to work “with” rather than “on” your drum and it will teach you much!

Care: Store it wrapped, face up, or hanging on a wall in a warm, dry place.  Keep it from extremes in temperature like direct sunlight, and away from gas or oil heat sources which can dry the skin and possibly split the head.  Never get the drum too close to a fire or radiator.  Never leave it in a hot enclosure, like a car.

You can clean your drum by rubbing gently with a slightly damp cloth.

The natural law of skin drums is water expands and heat constricts.  In a dry, desert climate, you can spray water on the drum or place a slightly damp cloth or paper towel on the drumhead before you wrap it in a towel or drum case. 

When it is damp or humid you can protect the tone by storing your drum in wool, cotton or a drum bag. 

You can bring the tone down (loosen) by spraying water on the drumhead, up (tighten) by using the heat from a hair dryer or low burning fire about 12” from the drumhead. When it is hot, cool it slowly. When it is cold, warm it gradually.

Be patient if you need to restore your drum’s tone before playing.  It takes time to adjust the tone with water or heat.

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