Healing Wild Space Elixir

Healing Wild Space Elixir



Made from wild gathered, this Wild Space Elixir is a room spray tinctured from local plants. Black Sage, California Sage, Mugwort, Rosemary with Essential oils and Absolutes of Geranium and Lavender, with Organic Floral waters and flower essence infused distilled water in a base of 190 proof Organic pure grape alcohol.

A Medicinal and High Vibrational spray that cleanses the aura and your environment.

Do not spray directly into face. We love to use this frequently to refresh the air and energy wherever and whenever needed, great to set space for your meditation or yoga.

Can also use it to refresh and cleanse your yoga mat. Wonderful to use when driving or at the computer .

Bring the Outdoors In.

Size: 2oz (60ml)

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