Handwoven Alpaca Mittens

Handwoven Alpaca Mittens


Whether it's cool nights or adventures into the cold country, keep those hands of yours cozy with these gorgeous handwoven alpaca wool mittens! They’re made from super-soft Peruvian alpaca yarns by artisans who work with sustainable alpaca wool and natural dyes.

As with all of our handmade items, each piece is a unique one of a kind set. Variations do occur but these pairs fit most adult female hands.

A little backstory on why Yanapuma LOVES alpaca so much!
Indigenous to the Andean highlands, luxurious alpaca wool is highly prized for its warmth, strength, and lightweight texture. Alpacas are an animal in the same family as Llamas and have been bred for thousands of years for both their meat and fleece, and comprise a large component of traditional South American culture.


The Inca civilization, in fact, was primarily based in textiles made from alpaca wool, making the fabric an integral part of the rich history of the Andes.

The artisans dye the wool by hand using natural dyes made from local ingredients, such as walnut leaves, thola, and cochineal. The natural dyes are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and soft to the touch. With this soft yarn, the artisans knit each piece by hand. Each artisan has a unique style, and often adds embroidered patterns inspired by traditional weavings, geometric symbols and beyond.


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