Matsés Lance Collection

Matsés Lance Collection


We are over the MOON to bring you a very small collection of Handmade Tribal Lances from the remote Matsés Tribe. They especially crafted these as a replica of their larger version used traditionally for hunting and ceremony.

They're meticulously hand-carved from peach palm and/or with bamboo accents and finished with homespun cotton string that is naturally dyed with ‘Achiote’ seed.

Each piece embodies tradition and beauty embedded in design and craft from the North Eastern Peruvian Amazon. 

While many other Amazonian tribes use blowguns to hunt, the Matsés are specialists in the use of bow and arrow as well as lance and spear.  Formerly, they were used for war, but presently are only used for hunting game, very complex workmanship is involved in their creation. 

Matsés arrows are incredible works of art and craftsmanship that illustrate their strong work ethic and allow them to maintain their traditional way of life without dependence on outside society. 

Length: approximately 20 inches long.

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