Framed Vessel Print by Made of Hagop

Framed Vessel Print by Made of Hagop


“Vessel” is the latest original piece by friend and artisan Made of Hagop.

Muralist and fine artist, Hagop's work is emotive, mythic and timeless. 

We are so honored to host this work as a mural on our Venice showroom and offer an exclusive framed print of this magnificent work. 

Signed, numbered and embossed.

Print size: 16 inches x 20 inches + frame (framed size larger).
Archival pigment on 300gsm cotton rag paper.
1 Limited edition of 10 - so 1/10

“Vessel” is a limited edition piece which symbolizes purity, courage and balance.

She IS our “protector” helping with shapeshifting powers, transformation and rebirth.

Behold the wisdom she holds for you!

Thank you for shopping with us!