Ostrich Feather Duster

Ostrich Feather Duster


Yanapuma is happy to offer you this amazing handmade and sustainably sourced, ostrich feather duster. 

With a little research, you will quickly see it is widely accepted that the best feathers for dusting purposes are “ostrich” feathers. These are also sustainably collected. 

The electrostatic nature, as well as the natural oils in the ostrich feather, attracts and holds fine dust rather than simply knocking the dust in the air and redistributing it somewhere else.

The overall length of the duster is approximately 32 inches.

The length of the ostrich feathers are about 14 inches and these dusters have about TWICE the number of feathers than any commercial dusters available. They are very light, weighing about half a pound.

An "ostrich" feather duster is so soft and attracts fine dust so well, you'll love it!