DMT Catcher | Sacred Lava

DMT Catcher | Sacred Lava


The Dream Catcher is a potent spiritual tool used traditionally to assure good visions.

This art form originated in Native American Ojibwe culture and most often hung over sleeping babies to protect their delicate mindscape. By allowing only nourishing dreams from the spirit world to pass through, it snags the dark forces and destroys them with the first rays of light upon daybreak. 

Inspired by this custom, these hand-forged DMT Catchers will keep a watchful eye on your subconscious and provide a cosmic filter wherever you hang this masterful creation.

Every piece is painstakingly hand-crafted with the finest of natural materials including wool, feathers, antler, bone and sacred stones.

No two pieces are alike. 

This item combines vibrant midnight wools with a combination of the most alluring iridescent feathers in a unique patterning technique and embellished with a bold hand carved antler.

Approximate size: 60in X 28in

Life Giving. Striking. Enigmatic. 

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