Cuna de Piedra | Cacao Mezcal Joven 73%

Cuna de Piedra | Cacao Mezcal Joven 73%


Yanapuma is excited to bring you this rich and delicious chocolate cacao bar made 100% with Mezcal Joven from Maguey Espadín in Santiago Matatlán in the Oaxaca region of México, considered "the world's capital of mezcal".

Mezcal Master: Joel Santiago. 

Cuna de Piedra is a homage to Mexican Cacao and every cacao blend created is a reflection of Mother Nature's processes.

With this chocolate you will feel a complex yet balanced sensorial experience from the fresh, citric and herbal notes of final distillate in perfect tuning with the cacao beans from Soconusco, Chiapas 73%. 

Ingredients: Cacao beans, Cane sugar, Mezcal Espadín joven. May contain traces of wheat, soy, milk, nuts, eggs and peanuts.

*Product without alcohol.

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