Colombian Wool | Jaguar Nocturno Hooded Ponshawl


This gorgeous and very warm wool covering is hand crafted incorporating ancestral textile techniques from start to finish in the Colombian Cundiboyacense highlands by a family collectivo who continue to blow our hearts wide open with each new design. 

The Jaguar Nocturno Ponshawl is named after the night prowling mystical jaguar. It is a style which incorporates the look and feel of a poncho/ shawl type covering without structured sleeves. It has a generous hood and scarf which makes this truly versatile for all seasons and all occasions. 

Sizing is universally crafted for women and men, fitting most this piece in particular measures 50 inches in length from neck taper down to the bottom hem.

One size fits most and can be worn loosely open or belted (belt not included)

Custom orders can be arranged for additional sizing or color palette by contacting us directly. We are here for YOU.

Thank you for shopping with us!

Size: O/S