Dark Heavens by Hamid Sardar

Dark Heavens by Hamid Sardar


Across the vast, wind-swept plains of Mongolia, nomadic tribes freely roam--only guided by the rhythmic changes of the seasons.

Beginning in 2000, Hamid Sardar immersed himself in this fascinating people's way of life, following them throughout their daily rituals, hunting expeditions, and spiritual practices to capture their centuries-old practices. With a breathtaking mix of color and black-and-white images, Sardar's debut book is a poignant visual journey showcasing Mongolia's last traveling shamans and hunters.

Especially fascinated by their spiritual relationship with land and animals, Sardar beautifully documents the wisdom, customs, and manners of an array of individuals, from horse-breeders and eagle masters to traditional healers. Accompanied by an informative text, this title is a must-have for anyone interested in anthropology, photography, and adventure.

Hamid Sadar is a scholar of Tibetan and Mongol languages. Inspired by the pioneers of ethno-photography during the Age of Exploration, he traveled with and photographed the nomadic tribes of Mongolia from 2000 - 2008, making the customs and daily life of these wandering hunters and shamans the subject of four award-winning documentaries. His photographs have been exhibited in galleries throughout the world.

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