Colombian Wool | Sigilo Vest

Colombian Wool | Sigilo Vest

$380.00 $780.00
Size: O/S

This gorgeous and very warm wool covering is hand crafted incorporating ancestral textile techniques from start to finish in the Colombian Cundiboyacense highlands.

The Sigilo Long Vest is named after the stealth, the secret -and in our opinion sexy- quality of life.

The colors, cut, texture and weave reflects the surrounding ecosystems with a contemporary, unique design.  As always, every piece is a one of a kind creation made by the artisans at Tejidos Rebancā - in exclusive partnership with Yanapuma Shop. 

The Sigilo Vest wears more like a jacket than a vest. A wonderful accent to an outfit or easily thrown on to add warmth and style to your most simple wardrobe choices. 

Accents include a long boiled wool trim, boiled wool collar, pockets with a fringed trim and looks great open or belted. Hangs calf length on our model of 5' 8".

Sizing is universally crafted for women and men but we call this a women's medium. 

Custom orders can be arranged for additional sizing or color palette.

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