Colombian Wool | Cosmic Ocean Hooded Cape

Colombian Wool | Cosmic Ocean Hooded Cape

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An astonishing collaboration of warm, stylish Coverings this season include this Colombian handspun wool and raw silk cape, locally known as a Ruana. 

Handmade from start to finish in Colombia, this beautiful one of a kind hooded ruana cape is made by a family collectivo who continue to blow our hearts wide open with each new design. 

The Cosmic Ocean carries the spirit of etheric colors reminiscent of the oceans above and below with a miraculously complex gradation from deep dark blues up to a lighter sky blue pallet... 

Sizing is universally crafted for women and men in a one size fits most. 

Details include Hooded with collar type trim around the neck area, complex woven color variation woven with silk accents throughout.  Colors are dyed from plants- which adds an impressive component to this piece.

Can be worn loosely open or closed or one side thrown over the shoulder for extra warmth and style! 

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