Ceremonial Incense Burners

Ceremonial Incense Burners


I’m being made for me black jaguar so that’s why are you are yeah so it’s so there’s the Jaguar yeah but I have yeah yeah yeah well there you go thank you for coming in well cats or cats they’re all pretty powerfulYanapuma is thrilled to carry the exquisite hand thrown and fired by Los Angeles based artist Masami. We offer three sizes and two styles for this collection, the Terracotta finish and the Charcoal Ash finish. 

Each of these pieces is a one of a kind and variations of size and shape are simply part of the mastery and beauty. 

Approximate sizing:

S/2" tall x 5" round  M/3" tall x 6” round   L/5" tall x 5" round XL/5” x 7”


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