Ceremonial Triple Feather Fans

Ceremonial Triple Feather Fans


These very special ceremonial feathered fans are handcrafted from start to finish by our dear brother Alberto from Venezuela. 

Each fan incorporates turkey feathers, leather hide and lovingly hand-beaded designs from the cosmos.  

For many years Alberto has been offering his gifts and medicine to the world and we are so grateful that he continues to forge this artistic tradition. 

Current offerings of amazing colors:

- River to Ocean:Blue Spectrum Hues
- Setting Sun:Tangerine Orange Hues
- Purple Mountain:Lavender Purple Hues
- Fields of Gold:Golden Yellow Hues

This fan is a triple feathered fan that collapses and opens, traditional uses include the clearing of spaces and energy of persons. 

Care: These are delicate by nature but more durable than you think and should last you for many many years if treated with respect.