Cacaosuyo 70% | Lakuna


Working together with this chocolatier was an easy choice... Their mission is simple: Make the best chocolate cacao bar in Peru and we think they may have done it by seeking out rare cacao from tree to bar and working with small producers to firstly select the trees where the cacao will be grown and be harvested. This serves to guarantee the cacao’s traceability and strain for the best possible chocolate.

A unique discovery of chocolate with full floral and pronounced fruity flavors. Made with rare Criollo cacao, a noticeably strong floral aroma persists while it melts on the palate with added fruitiness.

Palette includes lavender aroma, bergamot, honey and citrus

Made with just two ingredients – cocoa beans and sugar – it’s a wonderful illustration of the range of flavours hidden within the cocoa bean.

100% organic cacao bar

May contain traces of milk, nuts and peanuts. 

Winner of an abundance of chocolate awards, including International Chocolate Awards and Academy of Chocolate.

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