Brazilian Kuxpa Tepi

Brazilian Kuxpa Tepi


Our newest kuxpa is hand beaded and crafted from naturally deceased harpy Eagle, jaguar and armadillo remains in the Acre region of Brazil by our friends of the Huni Kuin.

The Huni Kuin use the word Kuxpa (pronounced Kushpa) as the same tool more commonly known as the Peruvian Tepi.

These are exceptionally made and beautifully crafted and meant to share together the medicines of the sacred forest.

Traditional "Tepi" are used as a tool to administer medicine in both home and ritual environments with most Amazonian tribal nations. The medicines range but their herbal powder blends are known to cure mild headache, sinus issues, heighten meditative states as well as increase stamina and endurance. 

Each Kuxpa is hand made and makes a wonderful gift for self or other. 


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