Before They Pass Away by Jimmy Nelson- out of print.

Before They Pass Away by Jimmy Nelson- out of print.


"If you change the way you look at people, the people you look at change. And if that change is powerful enough, it will gather momentum to affect the whole of humanity."

This historic volume showcases tribal cultures around the world. With globalization, these societies are treasured for their distinctive lifestyles, art and traditions.

Jimmy Nelson not only presents us with stunning images of customs and artifacts, but also offers insightful portraits of people who are the guardians of a culture that they -and we- hope will be passed onto future generations in all its glory.

Nelson's large-plate field camera captures every intricate detail and fine nuance for posterity. What's more, this splendid pageantry is set against a vivid backdrop of some of the world's most pristine landscapes.

Yanapuma is a proud carrier of this important documentary piece.

Hardcover / English edition- this book is out of print.

"I strongly believe that artists must always be part of a conversation, and share provocative ideas. My idea is that of aesthetic and empowerment for a better world. 

This personal artistic documentation is a way of re-igniting the fire and pride within and for indigenous people, of creating mutual respect for all people, and of empowering future generations all over the world to illuminate their cultural heritage.

So all of us will see the bigger picture and stand united in our diversity, to meet the enormous challenges we face as humankind in the decades to come."