Born in Sibundoy, Putumayo Colombia, Wilian comes from a family of traditional artisans who have been working to spread the Cämentsá culture from generation to generation in the trade and techniques of traditional artistry. His talents are vast and is considered a master of hand weaving on vertical looms, intricate creations of beads and seeds, wood carving, fabric textiles and naturally applied organic paintings and drawings. Wilian was the first in his community to apply the technique of decorating and plating beads onto traditional masks and other special objects, a technique that over the years he has innovated and practically perfected. Early on he began with only traditional shapes and figures, since then he has combined worlds transforming them into breathtaking one of a kind designs. His artistry originates from his spiritual and mental visions received from working with the sacred plant "yagé", a healing remedy and treasure in his community. Wilian is a true artist and medicine man that has traveled the world to teach his techniques and pass along the wisdom found within.