Turkish Leather Shoe Collection

Turkish Leather Shoe Collection

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These medieval shoes and sandals were manufactured by artisans in the southern midlands of Turkey, using medieval techniques. In tanning process only plants are used (mainly valonia oak and sumach tree). For upper cows leather, for sole buffalo hide, for insoles and other details sheepskin and goatskin are used.

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Water is the main element in their technique to soften the leather for stitching and forming the shoes. That’s why they are hard to begin with because water makes leather very hard when it dries out. They will soften up as much as you wear them. Heat, movement and moisture make them softer and they will mould to your feet like a slipper.

Made with uncoated leather which ages much nicer than coated leather and make them washable. Additionally, you can see all the natural stains and cracks of the original hide. As tradition still reigns, clay is used between insole and outsole to keep them together until stitched. Plant based dyes and madder are used for colouring.

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