Colombian Wool | Las Flores Ponshawl

Colombian Wool | Las Flores Ponshawl

Size: O/S

This gorgeous and very warm wool covering is hand crafted incorporating ancestral textile techniques from start to finish in the Colombian Cundiboyacense highlands.

The Las Flores (Flowers) Ponshawl is named after the abundant range of colorful flowers which rise from the Earth and deliver radiance, joy, beauty and a shift in perspective so greatly needed. 

The complexity of colors, cut, texture and weave reflects the surrounding ecosystems with a contemporary, unique design.  As always, every piece is a one of a kind creation made by the artisans at Tejidos Rebancā - in exclusive partnership with Yanapuma Shop. 

The Las Flores Ponshawl wears like a poncho/ shawl type covering without structured sleeves. It is hooded with a built in shawl that can wrap over the opposing shoulder or be worn more fitted around the neck.

Sizing is universally crafted for men and women. 

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