Enchanted Beads Earring Collection

Enchanted Beads Earring Collection


Magical bead weaving! An alchemical combination of technical skill, creative inspiration and embodied awareness. With only a needle and thread, tiny seeds of glass are transformed into tapestries of symbolic images and graceful movement. 

All designs are original and are inspired by the Divine Feminine, Mother Nature and experiences of womanhood and motherhood. 

Available styles:

  • Amulet
  • Bloom Black
  • Bloom Crystal
  • Flora & Fauna Black
  • Flora & Fauna Bone
  • Moon Magic
  • Rhythm Ritual Black
  • Rhythm Ritual Black Mini
  • Rhythm Ritual Cream
  • Rhythm Ritual Cream Mini

Each piece is lovingly handcrafted using high quality glass seed beads, resulting in heirloom-quality adornments.

Caring for your Jewelry: To extend the life of your earrings and keep them looking their best, hang them up or lay them flat when they are not being worn. Thread has a memory and will retain its shape so keep strands straight to avoid unwanted curves and crinkles. To flatten the woven part of your earrings you can lay them on a flat surface and smooth them with the back of your finger. Avoid contact with liquids, extreme temperatures, humidity, and sharp objects. Always handle beaded jewelry with clean hands.

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