Turquoise Solo Pot | Ceramic + Crystal + Driftwood

Turquoise Solo Pot | Ceramic + Crystal + Driftwood


Made by Russian Raku Master. This unique pot is practical art for you and your spirit. Hand crafted ceramic pot glazed in wildly organic way product nothing short of miraculous. A giant quartz crystal lid and crystal embellishments charm this piece that is topped with found driftwood to safely serve yourself and guest alike.  

Yanapuma loves working with this artisan who considers working with clay, "a vital part of my life, supplying me with it's magic." For her, the clay is a material that begins plastic and supple when you start working with it then transforms into lasting and reliable treasures.

It's breathtaking to witness each of these creations.

Specializing in integrating natural materials and allowing them to express themselves in harmony is why we adore these objects and we know you will too!

You may find a combination of wood, glass, metal and crystals in harmony with the clay. These art objects won't lose their functionality and they will serve you for generations.

One of a kind pot. 

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