Pelt | Ivory Sheepskin 48 X 30

Pelt | Ivory Sheepskin 48 X 30

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Yanapuma is honored to carry this handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pelt that inspires beauty and evokes simplicity. Every pelt is handpicked – literally – and each piece crafted with great intention.

We sought high and low for ethically farmed pelts and finally connected with a family run, 100% fair trade farm in Ossetia - the State of Alania, otherwise known as the Tskhinvali Region. This region occupies the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus mountains and  is a unique autonomous republic in Georgia that declared independence in 2008. 

Every pelt is Un-dyed. Endowed with meaning. Entirely unique.

Organically tanned to perfection, there is never a duplicate!

This piece is 48" x 30" and a stunning natural shade.

About The Sheepskin
The sheep are free-range and raised in the mountains of Ossetia by small-scale organic farmers. The ritual around their death is ancient and sacred; their meat – sold at market, leaving an over abundance of hides. These rugs take two weeks to knit by hand and are crafted by a mother and daughter who live next door. The process is humane and deeply rooted in community – it’s as natural as the fiber itself. Each piece carries the energy with which it was made.

In the spirit of mindfulness and conscientious consumption, an opportunity to offer customers an alternative to the modern experience of mass production is born by taking advantage of a simple byproduct.

The Benefits of Sheepskins:
- Wool is incredible at regulating body heat.
- Helps to relieve aches and pains.
- Resistant to dirt and bacteria.
- hypo-allergenic (and help soothe skin rashes like eczema and more).
- Adds warmth and texture to your home.

Care: simply shake your pelt out once or twice a month to remove dust.