Awajun Tribal Ceramic Bowls

Awajun Tribal Ceramic Bowls


The Aguaruna or "Awajún" Tribal Ceramics are VERY rare and come from the handmade artisans of the indigenous peoples of the Peruvian jungle. They live primarily on the Marañon River in the North near the border of Ecuador but have dispersed onto titles community lands in four of Peru's regions: Amazonas, Cajamarca, Loreto and San Martín. A significant Awajún population also lives in the Alto Mayo river basin in the Department of San Martín and according to Peru's 2000 Census the Aguaruna numbered approximately 8,000.

Each bowl is hand made, painted and cured. Each has slight variations and will last for generations. 

Sizes are approximate - SM 3-4 inches MED 6-7 inches 

The Awajún resisted efforts to incorporate them into the Inca and Spanish empires. Their reputation for fierceness and the difficult terrain in which they live prevented them from being incorporated into Peruvian national society until the late 1950s—and later still in some parts of their territory.

The Awajún were traditionally a semi-nomadic population, relocating on a regular basis as soil fertility and wild game populations declined in the immediate vicinity of their houses. Such relocations have become rarer as Awajún find their range of movement increasingly confined to titled community lands. 

The principal arts of men include ropemaking, basketry, the construction of canoes and textiles. The women focus on ceramics, like these and also create incredible jewelry from seeds, insects, wings and beads and uniquely they use cotton ribbon with feathers and human hair to adorn themselves with.


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